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Build in the early 1900s, probably in 1905. The uniqueness is the 4″ square refractory baked bricks for just about everywhere including standard size on the outside. The pic “02 Entrance Door” shows the thin bricks cascaded to achieve the aesthetics in the door.

After my grandparents left the family to heaven, the house has been vacant. The rumor is that neighbor encroached into back side to enlarge their staircase, started some demolition. And the construction workers threw all the debris in the middle courtyard.

LNJ my “Nana” & “Moti Nani” after retirement from Central Government, in early 50’s settled in this house, two stories of living space, and the third one just open, with a big rectangular courtyard in the middle, and a hand pump water faucet on the right side of the staircase. The ground floor back section was pretty dark, was used for storing pickle large china containers for one year or more seasoning, fodder for the cow they had for some time. There was a room for the cow, from the back entrance.

Front unit on two stories was where my grandparents lived & unit on the back side on the 2nd floor another young family.

During mid 50’s & 60’s, I used to visit them with my elder sister during summer vacation. My “Nana”, the awesome loving personality, one of the few in his era with an exotic grasp of English language, the reason he could find the job is Commerce Ministry during “British Raj”, a house near Gol Dak-Khana (1931) in Havelock Square. His personality, down to earth, happiness all the time, great sense of humor, astonishing stories creator and narrator, helping others all the time. Wearing gold small round earrings goes with his personality.

An example of helpfulness, in the Delhi house apart from two of them, a whole joint family was living including his sister, couple of her sons, friend’s son & wife and when we are visiting mom & my siblings.

More about him I would write in another blog. Back to the history of the house.

Two entrance doors made of hard wood probably Deodar, one in front and other on the right side from the lane. These types of doors, because of the style & history carry a heavy antiquity value. The side door was swiped lock stock & barrel, making someone very rich.

On the top of the rubble, probably birds dropped some seeds & over the years tall trees and grasses including that of Rubber Plant (Hevea brasiliensis), Peepul tree (Ficus religiosa) & Neem tree, have been growing.

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